GBR AX25 Gateway Routes

This set of files are my first attempt at producing a complete set of routing tables for GBR packet Network Gateway stations. Whilst originally I had planned to produce just a simple GIF file the volume of data and added benefits of producing the information as HTML pages outweighed the KISS approach :-) If there is sufficient demand from BBS Sysops I will produce the information as straight text files, however many of the benefits will be lost.

The frame has been setup to be usable on 640x480 displays (Arial 12Pt as default) although a higher resolution is recommended!

The tables allow locating routes to destination countries and also identifying which routes are handled by which station(s).

At present the pages have been created in a totally static manner, I may, at a later date, use some JavaScript's to minimise the number of individual pages.

A copy of these pages are held on my web site, and these are likely to be more up to date, provided Gateway stations continue to supply the relevant information. Can I also thank the Gateway stations who have responded so rapidly to my initial request.

The first release to a wider audience will occur after I have confirmed the details for those stations that have provided information on the first request and after I have approached those gateway stations for whom I have incomplete or no data.

73 Geoff G8DHE @ GB7VRB - Sysop Worthing Video Repeater Group BBS