Amateur radio

The shack, aerials and systems here can be seen from these links.

Amateur Radio links

RSGB The Radio Society of Great Britain

BATC British Amateur Television Club

Worthing Video Repeater Group Our local video repeater group GB3VR-GB3RV-GB3VV-Kits etc

GJ4ICD Web site Excellent source of info and links.

G4NJH Web Site Well laid out pages and good links.

G4FZN Chris Nice set of pages with useful up to date info.

G8AYD Roy Interesting mixture of both Amateur radio and Astronomy

G3RFL John ATV and designs for various bits he has built including kits

FAQ sites as follows RSGB, ARRL, or here

Where does the word HAM come from?

The Amateur Radio data networks

The Amateur Radio X25 network, is a network of stations who run the protocol AX25 , which is a derivation of the X25 packet protocol. The network has a number of facilities the main one being the BBS service. The network not only covers the whole of the world but also extends out into space where  the ISS, the old MIR space station and the Shuttle are active. In addition the the amateur community has its own satellites as well. The construction and operation of the satellites is carried out under the AMSAT (AMateur SATellites) banner with groups in all countries contributing to the effort.

Amateur Television

Amateur Radio not only covers phone transmission but also Television transmissions.
There are two types of ATV, FAST SCAN (normal television) and SLOW SCAN the latter are a type of Fax transmission but with colour! 

To assist in sending Fast Scan pictures there are a number of TV repeater stations which have been constructed to enable the signals to be relayed further afield than is normally possible from one's home location. The bands used for these transmissions are normally in the microwave region.

To cover the area along the South Coast of the UK, a group of us have put up a set of repeaters in Brighton, GB3VR / GB3RV / GB3VV are its callsign, which servers amateurs from between Brighton and Southampton.

In the UK the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) co-ordinates the activities.

Web sites for ATV are:-
GB3VR our own repeater on the South Coast also a more historical link

BATC homepages

ATV in the AIR (literally!)

Band Plans


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Last updated 28 February 2008