Worthing, West Sussex, UK.

Worthing now have a web page so you can see the delights of the town.

OK, Well here we go with some pictures, first the thumbnails, click the picture for the full image.

I'm not so good at the descriptions so anybody who knows Worthing is welcome to mail me some better narrative to add! Also ideas for other pictures etc would be most welcome.

The pictures were taken with a Canon Ion camera then grabbed using a Hauppauge WinTV card, editing and removal of street furniture etc courtesy of PSP!

  The Worthing Crest
Beach Park South Gate Panaoramic View within Beach Park A bit of restoration is needed
Beach House the actual South Gate Panoramic from inside Beach House Park A little bit of virtual restoration work...
Broadwater Green Worthings Colck Tower !!!!
Broadwater Green from the North end Worthing's Majestic Clock Tower :-)

now no longer in this location!

Panoramic of the Pier The Pier from the front...
The Pier...less a bit of beach furniture The Pier from the front
The Promenade from Splash Point Steyne Gardens
Splash Point...these days without the splashes Steyne Gardens
Goring the Green swathe Scratch and sniff......thats not sand!
Goring Promenade and the Beach, Scratch and Sniff...
no that brown stuff is NOT sand :-(
Montague Street one way Another way And yet another way
The centre of Worthing ? This way That way and yet another way
Towards MacDonalds The alternative Worthing
The way into MacDonalds as it is As it could be ?

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